Why I Write

My name is Mandie Dawn Warheit. I am a recovering perfectionist who is trying to live with my identity firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. I learned I often suppress emotions and feelings to conform to others expectations of me. To process my emotions and feelings, I write. And I find it easier to write when I have a purpose.

I’m a Jesus-loving, church-going girl who is happily married with one beautiful daughter. I try to live right, but mess up quite a bit. I’m messy. Life is messy.

That is why I am soo thankful that I am not saved by what I do, but that I am saved by grace. I sin. You sin. We all sin. (Does anyone else want ice cream right now? Okay, back to being serious.) Because of our sin, we are eternally separated from God.

But here is the Good News – God Himself was, and still is, so in love with all of humanity that He sent His son Jesus to earth to live the perfect life so we don’t have to. When we believe and trust Jesus, we are saying we love Him back – which is all God ever really wanted.

When Jesus died for me and for you He took on all of our sin, all of our messes. That is why it is okay when I mess up. I don’t have to be perfect, because I know the perfect One.

As I am starting to understand, God cares about our journey, and I am on a journey with Jesus. You are invited to come with us.


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